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At Mosa, our journey has always been guided by a deep belief in the transformative force of social business. We've tirelessly strived to weave positivity into every stitch of our operation, championing the use of upcycled materials and standing as advocates for under-represented groups. But then, we crossed paths with Total Mom Inc. Their impact on the entrepreneurial landscape left us awestruck – a vibrant community of over 20,000 empowered souls carving paths to success.

Their story resonated with ours, and it became clear that together, we could amplify our mission. United in purpose, we embarked on a new chapter, one that spoke of empowerment and early dreams. A partnership forged with Power Play Young Entrepreneurs. In the spirit of nurturing dreams, we've committed to supporting 100 students through an 8-week entrepreneurship program with PowerPlay.

With a resolute determination to raise $3800, our story now converges with yours. Together, let's inscribe a lasting tale of hope and possibility in the lives of these young entrepreneurs.

With every purchase support young entrepreneurs

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Purchase a candle for yourself or a friend

We have put together a limited collection for you for which 10% of all proceeds will go to Power Play Young Entrepreneurs to empower young entrepreneurs.

You can make a difference by purchasing our collaborative products for yourself or a friend. Your support matters, and together, we can achieve our shared goal.

Purchase a candle for your event or swag

We can craft customized upcycled candles tailored to your preferences. Whether you need a bulk order for corporate events, client gifts, or promotional swag, we've got you covered. With every purchase of 100 candles, you're not only supporting sustainable practices but also sponsoring 10 students to attend entrepreneurship and innovation camps through PowerPlay.

Plus, we're women-owned certified, so you can add us to your supplier diversity program!!

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We're on a mission to provide 100 students with access to entrepreneurship learning, and we need your help to make it happen. Spread the word about this partnership by sharing it on your socials and tagging us at @wearemosa and @totalmominc.

Why share?

- 10% of each sale goes to PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs Charity.

- Support women-owned ventures.

- Limited edition: made from upcycled glass bottles.

Together, let's make a difference! 💫

Attend a venture showcase event to support young entrepreneurs

Our contribution to Power Play Young Entrepreneurs will assist in sponsoring 100 students for an intensive 8-week entrepreneurship program culminating in a venture showcase event. We extend an invitation for you to join us at the showcase and show your support for these budding entrepreneurs.

Further details regarding the timing and location of the showcase will be provided soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Contact us to support youth

  • Mosa

    A Vancouver-based sustainable home-decor and gifting company that makes all of its products from used glass bottles. Mosa was founded by a young female entrepreneur passionate about circular economy.

  • Total Mom Inc.

    A globally-renowned organization that focuses on women empowerment, with a community of over 20,000+ Canadian moms. Total Mom provides world-class mentorship programs to help moms grow - both personally and professionally. 

  • Power Play Young Entrepreneurs

    For 25 years, PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs has provided various opportunities for authentic learning and exploration to youth. Their highly personalized programming ensures that diverse learners can gain new skills, pursue their passions, and thrive in their chosen paths.

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