Relax & Rejuvenate: How to Organize the Perfect Eco-Friendly Night of Self-Care

Relax & Rejuvenate: How to Organize the Perfect Eco-Friendly Night of Self-Care

Picture this: you’ve come home after a long, tiring day at work, have eaten your fill of a satisfying dinner, and now have the rest of the evening free to do as you please. In moments like these, there’s nothing better than a night of self-care to unwind - but have you ever considered taking the time to care for the planet at the same time?

When it comes to leading a sustainable lifestyle, almost all of your daily routines can play a part. Self-care is one of them! Whether you’re crafting that perfect ambience for your room, fixing yourself your favourite drink, or letting out your inner beauty guru with a spa session, there’s almost always a way to support the planet while you’re doing it. Our Earth works hard to make sure we have a beautiful home, after all - it deserves a break too. 

So the next time you get some free time for that night of self-care, consider following these simple tips to turn your routine into a more eco-friendly one! This way, you’ll be able to get that much-needed rest and relaxation side by side with the planet you live on. 


Declutter Your Personal Space 


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Cleaning might seem like a dreaded chore more often than not, but having a neat, well-organized space is actually linked to less stress, less anxiety, and a better state of mind! Living in an overly messy or cluttered room for long periods of time is bound to make you feel overwhelmed, after all. That’s why the first step of self-care is to establish a good, healthy environment for yourself - which is exactly the reason decluttering is so important. 

To make sure your cleanup is also taking the planet’s health into consideration, try to recycle, upcycle, or donate used items and belongings as often as you can. That cardboard box, for example - could it be transformed into a storage space for little trinkets? Or maybe your old clothes could go to the local thrift shop? When it comes to actually cleaning up, it’s also a great idea to look for eco-friendly cleaning products made with natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment! 


Achieve that Cozy Ambience 


Once your personal space is all nice and clean, it’s time to set the mood for a night of relaxation. To achieve that ideal, cozy vibe perfect for winding down, try dimming the lights and going for some natural lighting! This doesn’t only help the planet by saving on household energy use - it’s also incredibly soothing for the mind and body. 

Lighting some incense or using an essential oil diffuser are both great options for ambience, but here at Mosa, we’re partial to scented candles. Not only do they smell divine, they’re also amazing for the planet - they’re handcrafted out of upcycled glass bottles and poured with sustainable soy wax, which means they won’t only help support your own de-stress session, but are gentle on the environment as well. 


Pour Yourself a Drink to Relax



Is there anything better than a nice, refreshing drink after a long day? If you’re looking for something to sip on while you unwind and recharge, consider mixing your own drinks from scratch! This doesn’t just reduce waste from single-use packaging used by coffee shops or convenience stores, but also challenges your creativity and hands-on skills, which is a great way to get your mind working in a way that’s both relaxing and productive. 

Even your drinkware can be eco-conscious. Cups and glasses made of upcycled material are stylish, innovative, and - best of all - actively work to cut down on waste and energy use, so you can support the planet while doing something as easy as enjoying your favourite beverage. 


Craft an All-Natural Spa Routine 


A white cosmetic pump bottle placed on a white surface alongside a small lit candle, a rolled-up brown bath towel, and a bouquet of pink tulips.
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When anyone hears the word “self-care,” chances are a spa trip is one of the first things they’ll think of. But have you ever tried your hand at creating a DIY, all-natural spa routine? Not only is it much cheaper than a trip to a professional spa, it also saves resources and cuts down on wasteful packaging. 

If you’re feeling inspired after taking a bath, try a homemade face mask or body scrub crafted with ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen. These will be sure to pamper you while being free from harmful chemicals and single-use plastics. Just make sure to pay attention to ingredients that might irritate you - everyone’s body is different, after all. 


Pick the Perfect Relaxing Activity 


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Once you’ve set up the perfect space for yourself and taken care of nourishing your body, it’s time to truly unwind by doing something you love. Choosing an activity that’s both productive and relaxing will help you feel healthy, at peace, and empowered from head to toe. So take a break from the screens - try doing something sustainable and fun at home!

Reading a book is always a great option, as is any activity that gets your creative juices flowing. Try out some easy DIY projects, practice some journaling, or even just close your eyes and meditate to soothe your mind. There’s tons of things you can do right at home that will keep you stress-free and entertained while minimizing energy use, so get inspired and take your pick!


While self-care isn’t usually something that’ll make you think of “sustainability” right away, there’s actually a number of things you can do to keep your de-stress routine as eco-conscious and green as possible. The little things always count, after all - no matter if it comes to caring for yourself or taking the necessary steps to secure a healthier future for our planet. 

So the next time you feel like indulging in some well-deserved relaxation, don’t forget to think about the Earth too! It’ll thank you for the effort.

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