Prishita Agarwal

Co-founder and CEO, Prishita is who everyone reports to. In fact it is her balance of ease and acumen that makes every interaction enjoyable. Mosa’s team is a product of her crafting. Not only does every employee admire her, customers also share her sense of confidence. Last year she was crowned Woman of the year at BCBusiness. If asked, she will say that her standing as a woman has only helped her relate to and inspire more Women in Business. On Saturdays, she’ll sneakily boost morale by taking the team out for drinks at Portside. At a picnic, she’ll bring her Vanilla grapefruit candle in a woven basket. Either way, Mosa is a part of her space. In Prishita’s hands, it’s foolproof.

Abhiudai Mishra

Operations head Abhiudai is the other reason Mosa spawned. In the beginning it was just empty glass bottles lined up to grunge his apartment. With inventive tools and an innovative mind, Abhi turned this small space into a working garage. But soon enough, he found that there was more than material gain. He stays motivated by being the muscle behind Prishita’s vision. But he knows he can’t do it alone. He believes in fostering a connection in the community that is able to execute as much as hope. Often, the team will find themselves unassumingly chatting with him at his AMS office with a green tea in hand. Today, he oversees an efficient microfactory that uses the bottles he could never get himself to throw away.